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Have you ever ever requested your self, “What’s Cacao Powder?”

Put merely – Cacao Powder is without doubt one of the most complicated meals on Earth.

It’s thought that the phrase ‘chocolate’ has advanced from the Aztec phrase, ‘xocoatl’, which is the title of a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans (and typically blended with chilli), the edible a part of the pods grown on cacao bushes. Cacao was regarded so extremely by the Mayans and Aztecs they referred to as it the ‘meals of the Gods’ and sometimes used it as a type of foreign money.

Inventive Nature Cacao Powder is natural, and comes from the Criollo (highest high quality) beans. It’s a lovely brown, superfood powder that’s much like the processed cocoa powder you will have in your cabinet, (solely more healthy) and can be utilized in the identical approach.

The distinction between uncooked cacao powder vs cocoa powder is, as a result of cacao powder is minimally processed, the well being advantages are larger. Industrial cocoa powders might need added sugars, sweeteners, milk powders or flavours too.

Our superfood cacao powder is stuffed with antioxidants, nutritional vitamins and minerals to make your physique really feel wonderful. Make a sizzling chocolate with this and you may argue it’s a wholesome deal with. This product can be licensed as kosher.

Sizzling Chocolate
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

By selecting darkish chocolate and unsweetened cacao merchandise like our nibs, you’ll be able to reduce well being dangers linked to consuming an excessive amount of sugar, together with weight achieve.

Cacao powder advantages embrace it being excessive in iron, magnesium, zinc and copper in addition to the beforehand talked about antioxidants. These assist to guard the physique from outdoors air pollution. The antioxidants assist take up free radicals and scale back cell ageing, injury and stress. In addition to all of these issues, it’s a good supply of fibre and wholesome fat.

This month is Natural September – a month lengthy marketing campaign to lift the attention of natural merchandise and types.

Now we have a variety of Inventive Nature natural and vegan baking mixes which sit alongside our superfoods like our Cacao powder and nibs. We even have an amazingly tasty, nut-free chocolate cake.

The next baking mixes are all natural and vegan recipes.

· Chia and cacao choc chip

· Banana bread

· Natural chia mulberry muffin

· Chai & cacao choc chip muffin

Natural Chia Mulberry Muffin
Natural Chocolate Chip Muffin

We even have a snack bar that makes use of cacao powder and nibs – the Oh Wow Cacao Choc Oatie Bar. At all times useful to have if you find yourself out and about and wish a snack that’s vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and Kosher.

Our superfood natural merchandise embrace:

· Barley Grass

· Cacao powder

· Cacao nibs

· Maca powder

· Shelled hemp seeds

· Hemp protein powder

You possibly can sprinkle Cacao powder over porridge, muesli, granola or different cereals. It’s excellent when used to make a heat nut free chocolate drink, changing your much less wholesome cocoa powder. Throughout these ever-hotter Summers, you may as well make chocolate ice-cream – we also have a recipe on our web site.

Our natural maca powder is totally nut free however has a nutty, butterscotch style so mixes properly with the cacao powder or cacao nibs, added to uncooked meals, corresponding to smoothies. Berry Maca Smoothie is one other recipe that makes use of our natural superfood.

Should you use uncooked cacao powder or uncooked cacao nibs, a few of the antioxidants shall be destroyed by warmth when you bake with them. However utilized in smoothies, or sprinkled in porridge is a good way to make use of them, and likewise excellent for making raw desserts, and even protein snack balls.

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