Home Diet A GI Doc Shares the Intestine-Pleasant Breakfast She Eats Each Single Day

A GI Doc Shares the Intestine-Pleasant Breakfast She Eats Each Single Day

A GI Doc Shares the Intestine-Pleasant Breakfast She Eats Each Single Day

There are two forms of breakfast folks: Those that love variation—they’ll sip a smoothie one morning, and dig right into a bowl of chia pudding the following—and others preferring routine, gravitating towards the identical meal again and again.

A current TikTok that’s racked up 15,000 views exhibits that latter level in motion: In it, Wendi LeBrett, MD, a gastroenterology fellow primarily based in California, shares her favourite straightforward breakfast: a bowl of plain Greek yogurt topped with berries and walnuts, which she eats almost each single day. So what’s so particular about this combo? SELF linked with Dr. LeBrett to search out out why it’s her every day go-to, each for supporting her intestine well being and for streamlining her packed morning schedule.

“I discover pleasure in consuming this routine breakfast as a result of it’s simply as scrumptious as it’s nourishing,” Dr. LeBrett tells SELF. First, let’s be aware the advantage of simplicity: Dr. LeBrett has restricted time within the morning, so having a dependable recipe on standby—one which doesn’t require any cooking—helps her begin the day with tasty meals that hold her starvation at bay. To make her meal, you solely want just a few scoops of Greek yogurt, a handful of berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or no matter else you want), and a few walnuts.

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This three-ingredient recipe packs strong dietary perks—notably in your digestive system. Fermented meals like protein-rich Greek yogurt assist assist your GI tract as a result of they’re wealthy in probiotics, Dr. LeBrett says. These “good” micro organism assist hold your immune system wholesome and thwart the expansion of the not-so-fun microbes in your intestine, which can contribute to bloating, diarrhea, or abdomen ache, Jessie Wong, RDN, a registered dietitian who focuses on digestive well being, beforehand informed SELF. And the berries are an excellent supply of fiber, Dr. LeBrett says. Fiber, a posh carb that most individuals don’t eat almost sufficient of, contributes to that “full” feeling and helps hold your poop common. (It might even ease sure signs, like diarrhea, for some people with GI circumstances like IBS.) Lastly, the protein and fats from the walnuts additionally assist hold you full, since your physique doesn’t course of these macronutrients as shortly as carbs. So that you’ll probably really feel glad up till snack or lunchtime, she says.

Nonetheless, some people would possibly get uninterested in the identical breakfast every single day. In the event you like having a number of choices, get inventive and blend up the core elements, Dr. LeBrett says. For instance, you may swap the plain Greek yogurt for a strawberry taste, and even one other creamy, protein-rich base like cottage cheese (some tubs even include probiotics—simply search for “stay lively cultures” on the label). For the add-ons, sub the berries for different fiber-rich fruits, similar to diced pears or sliced apples. And in case you want extra sweetness in your bowl, give it a drizzle of agave or honey. Lastly, for a crunchy texture, you may swap the walnuts for almonds or peanuts.

After all, what you could have for breakfast is only one piece of retaining your digestive system comfortable. But when it begins your day without work proper—and helps you get out the door faster—why not give this straightforward meal a strive? Your intestine would possibly simply thanks!